MySQL and "More Control/Package Users" Package Mgmt

Timothy Rice t.rice at
Wed Jun 23 19:09:58 PDT 2010

Okay, thanks again for your help, Andy, Chris, and Mike. I think I have
discovered the source of my problems.

Basically, my difficulties are due to just blindly following the commands
in the blfs book. It isn't mysql itself that is trying to remove the 'dir'
file, it is my own build script; I didn't notice this because I just
unreflectively copied and pasted:

   pushd /usr/lib &&
      ln -v -sf mysql/libmysqlclient{,_r}.so* . &&
   popd &&

   pushd /usr/share/info &&
      rm -v dir &&
      for FILENAME in *; do
         install-info $FILENAME dir 2>/dev/null
      done &&

Still, I don't even understand why dir needs to be rebuilt. The following
explanation in the blfs book is a little unhelpful:
"pushd ... popd: This set of commands rebuilds the /usr/share/info/dir
file as the installation failed to do so."

Yeah, I just don't get that. Saying "the installation failed to..."
implies that the installation ideally should, for some reason, but
doesn't. So why should it? What would be the consequences of skipping
these rebuild commands?

Given that rebuilding dir really is necessary, should I rebuild both
/usr/local/share/info/dir and /usr/share/info/dir, or just one of them?



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