Csound5.12.1 on 64-bit amd64cpu setup

Ken Moffat zarniwhoop73 at googlemail.com
Wed Jun 23 14:12:11 PDT 2010

On 23 June 2010 18:22, lI <lux-integ at btconnect.com> wrote:

> Now to short-circuit things,  Could you let me know if you have built
> Csound5.12.1 (or equivalent) on a pure 64bit clfs setup and if so could you
> let me have your recipe?

 This one pique'd my interest, because I remembered building an earlier
version in the past (turned out to be last August - always good to keep
notes :-) although I dropped it because I couldn't find any benefit from
it in gnash, and I've since dropped gnash.

 I've got to rebuild my current system anyway (pure64, LFS-svn as of last
week *except* sticking with gcc-4.4.3) because my buildscripts were
severely trashed by gnome-2.30 and I need to see if I've got the correct
new build order (FWIW, I had to rebuild atk, pango, gtk2 because I had
compiled them without introspection).  So, adding a couple more packages
to this system (libsndfile-1.0.21 and Csound-5.12.1) is no problem.

 All I can say is "builds and installs for me" :)  Libsndfile is a straight CMMI
(this time, it installed a static lib, so I got rid of that), and then
I built Csound
with the following instructions based, I think, on what debian was doing last
year - at that time there was a suggestion it might need useWord64=1 but
not, of course, useLib64=1 on pure64.  I didn't need that, merely

scons prefix=/usr useJack=0 useFLTK=0 dynamicCsoundLibrary=1 \
 BuildRelease=1 useALSA=1 LINKFLAGS='-Wl,-as-needed'

python install.py --prefix=/usr

 I noted lots of includes for a non-existant fltk header directory, despite
the useFLTK=0, but it didn't seem to matter.  Of course, if you want to use
Jack or fltk my options won't be much use to you.

 OTOH, if what I used works for you, please remember to look at other
distros in future - cblfs is by its nature mostly-unsupported, and BLFS is
rather sparse in its audio/video coverage [ although, arguably, it has more
than we can maintain ] - debian (*.gz from ftp sites), gentoo (ebuilds and
patches), arch (I click links on their pages returned by google at random -
sometimes it helps!), and pld (generally, very hard to find the commands
they use) are my current favourite places to look for things that might not
ship in fedora (because of American patent laws - dunno if that applies to
Csound, nor do I care).


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