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Mfundisi.Dumisa at transnet.net Mfundisi.Dumisa at transnet.net
Tue Jun 22 05:36:58 PDT 2010

Dear Great LFS/BLFS Community


I am experiencing problems with X Window system on BLFS 6.3. I have
compiled this version over 5 times. O some of these compilations the
problem is resolved but I do not know how.


The problem is starting X Window system applications like Gnome, KDE,
Metacity, etc.


It seems to me that the X Window system is installed properly, since I
am able to start Xterm installed according to the book. But after
compiling Gnome/KDE, etc. and trying to start it, the Gnome/KDE window
shows up briefly and disappears and the screen either remain blank, in
case of KDE or returns to the console in case of Gnome, Metacity, etc. 


Reading the logs has not been helpful. What is more frustrating is that
on some compilations I do not have these problems, all desktops start up
nicely and on others I do have these problems as outlined above.


I have made sure that the graphics card (Nvidia or Ati/Radeon) have
kernel support.


I am not sure what is it that some times I omit unaware and sometimes it
is included.


Your pointers and indicators to the possible cause and solution of this
problem will be of great help.


The other problem I experience from time to time is the fonts on KDE
desktop. Fonts are very small and I am unable to make them bigger. I do
not have this problem on Gnome desktop. I am able to change font sizes
the way I want.



Thanks In Advance


Mfundisi Dumisa    

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