zlib-1.2.5 => firefox crash

Mike McCarty Mike.McCarty at sbcglobal.net
Thu Jun 17 22:56:44 PDT 2010

x2164 at lycos.com wrote:


>    I thought i'd read, several years ago, that there is a way of running
>    the kernel in one of the debuggers like 'gdb'.  There has to be something
>    better then having to re-boot for each test. :-)

There is some low level debugging available, but it isn't as nice as
gdb. One technique some have used successfully is to use UML and run
the kernel as a more or less ordinary process.

>    I'm still concerned about using gcc-4.5.0 to build my 

IMO, gcc 4.x is not quite "there" yet.

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