zlib-1.2.5 => firefox crash

x2164 at lycos.com x2164 at lycos.com
Thu Jun 17 20:19:17 PDT 2010

>>> Thanks, I hadn't connected it with gcc-4.5.0. Googling on that led
>>> to a very interesting thread here:
>>> http://mail.madler.net/pipermail/zlib-devel_madler.net/2010-May/002277.html
>>> It seems zlib-1.2.5 needs the cflag -mstackrealign (not tested it yet)


   On May 31'2010 i read your post of "Mon May 31 18:54:07 MDT 2010"
   in which you mentioned the kernel panic problems you are working on.
   Followed the link to 44129.  Very interesting effort on your part in
   trying to track down the error and the techniques you needed to use
   to try and isolate the relevant area of code.

   In a general sort of comparison of your 44129 ticket and the zlib related
   link above, provided by Andrew, if you substitute "zlib" for "kernel" in
   44129, or, substitute "kernel" for "zlib" in 002277.html above, it looks
   like your both working on the same problem with same result.

   I thought i'd read, several years ago, that there is a way of running
   the kernel in one of the debuggers like 'gdb'.  There has to be something
   better then having to re-boot for each test. :-)

   I'm still concerned about using gcc-4.5.0 to build my 
   LFS dev system.  If i re-call correctly when it was building
   i was getting segfaults related to libxml and zlib.  To
   try and solve the problem i updated each package.


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