zlib-1.2.5 => firefox crash

x2164 at lycos.com x2164 at lycos.com
Thu Jun 17 10:35:43 PDT 2010

>>>      I think someone suggested using something like "-mstack-align"
>>>      on the gcc-4.5.0 command to cause the normally expected behavior.
>> Thanks, I hadn't connected it with gcc-4.5.0. Googling on that led
>> to a very interesting thread here:
>> http://mail.madler.net/pipermail/zlib-devel_madler.net/2010-May/002277.html
>> It seems zlib-1.2.5 needs the cflag -mstackrealign (not tested it yet)
>Indeed it works. Before I compiled zlib I used this sed on configure:
>sed -i 's/--O/--mstackrealign -O/' configure
>and hey presto - firefox does not segfault. At least, not yet. Adding 
>-mstackrealign to zlib's CFLAGS seems to fix the problem. Thanks for the 

  Thanks for the confirmation Andy.

  I was wondering if you have any thoughts on whether this could
  effect any of the other packages compiled with gcc-4.5.0?

  In my particular case i used the jhalfs scripts to build the development
  LFS book which uses gcc-4.5.0.


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