zlib-1.2.5 => firefox crash

x2164 at lycos.com x2164 at lycos.com
Wed Jun 16 20:52:43 PDT 2010

   Hi All,

   Saw this post a few days ago and started poking around
   and google'ing.  Unfortunately i didn't write down what
   i was doing and this post is from a cold addled memory.

   You'll definitely need to verify anything i say in this

   IIRC it would seem that gcc-4.5.0 has changed its default
   behavior for stack alignment.  Instead of 16 byte boundaries
   its using 32 byte boundaries.  I'm not sure if this only
   applies to x86_64 machines, all machines, or what.  Not even
   sure if the numbers "16" and "32" used above are correct or
   that it was the alignment of the "stack".

   I think someone suggested using something like "-mstack-align"
   on the gcc-4.5.0 command to cause the normally expected behavior.       


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