Gnome-VFS deprecated; but is it still necessary?

Simon Geard delgarde at
Wed Jun 16 03:44:11 PDT 2010

On Wed, 2010-06-16 at 16:58 +1000, James Rhodes wrote:
> I'm currently following the latest development book on building GNOME
> and I've run into a bug which has no patch, relating to gnome-vfs
> failing the 'test-async-cancel' test.  I've researched and found that
> there's no patch for this bug because gnome-vfs is deprecated.  As of
> mid-2009, all but 6 of the GNOME components had moved onto gvfs so I'm
> wondering why it's still in the book and whether it's really necessary
> to build this component to have GNOME running successfully.

As of Gnome 2.30, it's required only by libgnome, which in turn seems to
only be used now by libbonoboui - all three packages are deprecated, but
the latter is still used in several places. So yeah, unfortunately it's
still required for build. It's probably not actually being used by
anything though, so if it compiles, that's probably good enough.

One possible exception is language bindings like gnome-python or
gnome-sharp - these also require gnome-vfs for compile, though I've no
idea if anything still uses the deprecated features.

Just wait for Gnome 3.0, later this year - *then* you can drop all those
unwanted libraries. Bonobo is *almost* gone in the current development
builds, just a few pieces of gnome-applets still not ported to the new


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