URGENT help!!

Alex Santamaria alxs_ws at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 10 20:56:14 PDT 2010

But I have finish my distro based on LFS and BLFS

Is there any procedure to make an installer version or live CD of this new 
distro to use it in other boards?
Since it has only the packages I want, so that I use the books of LFS 

From: "Chris Staub" <chris at beaker67.com>
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Subject: Re: URGENT help!!

> On 06/10/2010 11:38 PM, Alex Santamaria wrote:
>> Hi everybody I'm from Ecuador, I'm a LFS and BLFS' fan, so My friend and
>> I built our own Linux distro based on LFS and BLFS
>> We finished this work with genome and all our favorite and necesary
>> packages, but we have a big problem, We want to burn an installer of our
>> distribution based on LFS and BLFS,
>> to install it in other computers or at least a live CD version of our
>> distro.
> If it's this "urgent" to create an installer ASAP then you would be much
> better off just downloading some existing distro rather than doing
> something like LFS...
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