Fwd: Re: Errors compiling kdebase-runtime 4.4(SOLVED)

Trent Shea trentshea at gmail.com
Sun Jun 6 19:05:06 PDT 2010

Hate to bring this thread back up, but it's not that old ;)

> cpp:
> In function 'QObject* qt_plugin_instance()':
> /home/sources/kdebase-runtime-4.4.2/attica/kdeplugin/kdeplatformdependent
> .cpp:225:
> error: cannot allocate an object of abstract type
> 'Attica::KdePlatformDependent'
> /home/sources/kdebase-runtime-4.4.2/attica/kdeplugin/kdeplatformdependent
> .h:42:
> note:   because the following virtual functions are pure within
> 'Attica::KdePlatformDependent':
> /opt/kde/include/attica/platformdependent.h:47: note:   virtual void
> Attica::PlatformDependent::addDefaultProviderFile(const QUrl&)
> /opt/kde/include/attica/platformdependent.h:48: note:   virtual void
> Attica::PlatformDependent::removeDefaultProviderFile(const QUrl&)
> /opt/kde/include/attica/platformdependent.h:53: note:   virtual void
> Attica::PlatformDependent::enableProvider(const QUrl&, bool) const
> /opt/kde/include/attica/platformdependent.h:54: note:   virtual bool
> Attica::PlatformDependent::isEnabled(const QUrl&) const
> make[2]: ***
It looks like this was because a too new version of attica was used, there's a 
post about it I found in google and reverting to attica-0.1.2 got me past the 

On Tuesday 20 April 2010 13:13:44 cliffhanger@ wrote:
> Seems the only way to cure this problem was to use kdesupport-for-4.4
> as opposed to kdesupport TRUNK.  TRUNK was okay for kde-4.4.1 but not
> for 4.4.2, not for me anyway and I don't know why.
I hate kdesupport! There's nothing worse than not knowing what version 
something depends on or what version you're even installing! I don't think I'd 
be able to look at kdesupport and get a dependency list out of their svn set 
up...Tagged releases make life a lot easier -  I can't remember what package I 
came across, but they said use the latest git master, of course that blew up 
in my face and I doubt that any projects using said project are going to 
document what git master they pulled to build... Arg... While I'm ranting here 
I'll just throw out redland and anyone who builds kde from source will 
probably just chuckle.


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