zlib 1.2.5 and libxml2 2.7.7

Ivan Wagner wagner17 at mandalore.com
Fri Jun 4 05:12:47 PDT 2010

Has anybody upgraded to using zlib 1.2.5?  Currently I am trying to 
compile libxml2 but one of tests is sefaulting.

/bin/sh: line 1: 31659 Segmentation fault      ./runtest
make: *** [runtests] Error 139
lt-runtest[31674]: segfault at 44002050 ip 00007fa84d381d89 sp 
00007fa84c88bbc0 erro 4 in libz.so.1.2.5[7fa84d37b000+18000]

Gentoo has this problem too:

But I am not sure if that's the right fix.

Ivan Wagner

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