Experiencing lots of build problems

Randy McMurchy randy at linuxfromscratch.org
Fri Feb 26 14:40:24 PST 2010

brown wrap wrote these words on 02/26/10 15:40 CST:

> This is typical of what will not build. I am trying to build net-tools-1.60.

Seems as though there was a recent discussion about this, perhaps it was
on the -dev list. I use Berlios CVS/SVN (whatever it is) and fetch a copy.
Net-Tools is not dead. It doesn't have an extremely active development
work going on, but there are changes every now and then. Mostly fixes
for the code the patches do, but there is a lot more than that, that has
been updated.

It builds just fine for me (Bruce mentions there are some warnings), but
I'm on 32-bit for this build. I think Bruce builds 64-bit though.

For Bruce: This reminds me, you mentioned the standard config included
support for too many networks. I don't use the config program. I have
pre-made config.{h,make,status} files that I copy into the root of the
source dir and then compile. We could do something like that using files,
or cat.


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