Experiencing lots of build problems

Randy McMurchy randy at linuxfromscratch.org
Fri Feb 26 10:39:10 PST 2010

brown wrap wrote these words on 02/26/10 10:47 CST:
> I did try the latest version, but still ran into problems. I guess the bigger question is, how compatable is BLFS with LFS version 6.5?

We are trying to make it 100%, we just aren't there yet.

> I like both projects, but LFS was a set-by-step, BLFS seems to put out a list of software with no order of installation given. I realize not everyone wants to install the same things, so perhaps maybe its impossible to give a step-by-step approach, but I find myself looking at a package and then seeing it needs other required packages, which need yet other required packages.

Yup, as Bruce said, the BLFS book is not meant to be followed in any
specific order.

As far as the kerberos issue, I can perhaps get the dependencies
installed and attempt a Heimdal build today. Could you please post
the error messages you get when you install the most recent version
of Heimdal? Thanks.

> I get lost and side-tracked in what order to do things. Is there a plan to go beyond the 6.3 version of BLFS?

Yes, we hope to get a 6.5 out soon, but for now use the development


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