Experiencing lots of build problems

brown wrap gramos at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 26 08:47:47 PST 2010

> Mmm, why don't you try Hemidal 1.3.2 instead of the old
> Hemidal-1.1
> version? BTW: I don't use kerbros so the only help I can
> give you is
> to try a new version. Hemidal 1.3.2 is avabiale here:
> http://www.h5l.org/dist/src/heimdal-1.3.1.tar.gz

I did try the latest version, but still ran into problems. I guess the bigger question is, how compatable is BLFS with LFS version 6.5?

I like both projects, but LFS was a set-by-step, BLFS seems to put out a list of software with no order of installation given. I realize not everyone wants to install the same things, so perhaps maybe its impossible to give a step-by-step approach, but I find myself looking at a package and then seeing it needs other required packages, which need yet other required packages.

I get lost and side-tracked in what order to do things. Is there a plan to go beyond the 6.3 version of BLFS?


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