Mesa-7.6+ and radeon [was Re: comments on BLFS development version and beyond]

Ken Moffat zarniwhoop73 at
Wed Feb 24 14:40:18 PST 2010

On 24 January 2010 02:32, Ken Moffat <zarniwhoop73 at> wrote:
> 2010/1/23 Ken Koehler <koehlekr at>:

>> 11) I installed xscreensaver 5.10, and ended up (as before) setting it
>> to just blank the screen because in a matter of minutes to hours it
>> locked my system up tight (wouldn't even respond to Alt-SysRq)
>  At the moment, I'm trying to bisect mesa (again), to try
> to discover what broke glxgears on my radeon r200 [ first
> attempt in the 'stable' releases foundered on a merge,
> looks as if they maintain the stable releases in CVS and
> backport versions to the main git tree ].  I only looked at
> that because xscreensaver-5.10 was locking up my
> machine.
 I've now got a result, after showing my general ignorance in - people
using current Mesa will see a fix in

 Looks as if BLFS-6.5 is going to stick with Mesa-7.6, so
I'll attach my version (the last hunk of upstream's change
deletes an invocation of radeonEmitState in radeon_ioctl.c
which isn't present in 7.6.1) - tested with 7.6.1, applies to
7.6 but I haven't looked at or tested 7.6.

 Makes me think nobody else here uses radeon!

 At a minimum, this fixes a lockup in glxgears.  I've had
another lockup, probably in xscreensaver, but it's too soon
to tell if that is also fixed, or if that is a symptom of a
different problem.

 If anyone else *is* using a radeon, it would be nice
to know if this helps - personally, I think BLFS-6.5
should be using Mesa-7.6.1 (rather than 7.6) plus this
fix, but since I don't have an LFS-6.5 system I'm not
going to press the point.

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