bug in netstat (net-tools-1.60)

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sat Feb 20 18:08:12 PST 2010

Randy McMurchy wrote:
> Bruce Dubbs wrote these words on 02/20/10 18:28 CST:
>> net-tools-1.60-statistics_buffer.patch fixed it for me, but there are 
>> several warnings during build.  It's a poorly maintained package.
> I have no trouble using the CVS version on Berlios. It builds clean
> and all utilities that I can tell work just fine. It has been in
> development for some time, though some weeks go by without updates.
> There is a ticket in BLFS to move to Net-Tools-CVS.

Thanks Randy.  I've been playing with it tonight.  It doesn't build 
quite clean for me (warning: ... differ in signedness in several 
places).  But it's not a big deal.

I am wondering if we should be automatically accepting the defaults for 
the config.  There are several defaults that don't make sense for most 
people, even if the build is OK.

bool 'Novell IPX/SPX protocol family' HAVE_AFIPX y
bool 'Appletalk DDP protocol family' HAVE_AFATALK y
bool 'AX25 (packet radio) protocol family' HAVE_AFAX25 y
bool 'NET/ROM (packet radio) protocol family' HAVE_AFNETROM y
bool 'Rose (packet radio) protocol family' HAVE_AFROSE y
bool 'X.25 (CCITT) protocol family' HAVE_AFX25 y
bool 'Econet protocol family' HAVE_AFECONET y
bool 'Ash protocol family' HAVE_AFASH y

bool 'ARCnet support' HAVE_HWARC y
bool 'SLIP (serial line) support' HAVE_HWSLIP y
bool 'PPP (serial line) support' HAVE_HWPPP y
bool 'IPIP Tunnel support' HAVE_HWTUNNEL y
bool 'STRIP (Metricom radio) support' HAVE_HWSTRIP y
bool 'Token ring (generic) support' HAVE_HWTR y
bool 'AX25 (packet radio) support' HAVE_HWAX25 y
bool 'Rose (packet radio) support' HAVE_HWROSE y
bool 'NET/ROM (packet radio) support' HAVE_HWNETROM y
bool 'X.25 (generic) support' HAVE_HWX25 y
bool 'DLCI/FRAD (frame relay) support' HAVE_HWFR y
bool 'SIT (IPv6-in-IPv4) support' HAVE_HWSIT y
bool 'FDDI (generic) support' HAVE_HWFDDI y
bool 'HIPPI (generic) support' HAVE_HWHIPPI y
bool 'Ash hardware support' HAVE_HWASH y
bool '(Cisco)-HDLC/LAPB support' HAVE_HWHDLCLAPB y
bool 'IrDA support' HAVE_HWIRDA y
bool 'Econet hardware support' HAVE_HWEC y
bool 'Generic EUI-64 hardware support' HAVE_HWEUI64 y
bool 'InfiniBand hardware support' HAVE_HWIB y

   -- Bruce

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