Git configuration

Andrew Benton b3nton at
Fri Feb 19 05:48:59 PST 2010

Hello world,
I use bash scripts to automate recompiling the systems I look after. I use git to keep track
of the changes I make to the source tarballs and build scripts. It makes it very easy to distribute
recent changes to the other computers - just git pull and all the recent changes are updated without
me having to remember everything or redownload the whole thing.

The problem I have is that when I update a package (eg gnumeric-1.8.4 => 1.10.0) git keeps a copy of
the old tarball so the whole repository grows ever larger. At the moment the only solution I have is
(when the folder gets over about 3GB) to delete .git and start over. This is less than ideal, I want
git to remember all the changes I've ever made to the bash scripts so that I can go back and review
the code, but I don't want it to keep a copy of all the old tarballs.
ie, after I've used git rm ${FILE} I want it to delete its backup copy of ${FILE}, but I still want
it to keep track of all the changes to the current files (the bash scripts never get removed, only changed)

How do I tell git to remember all the changes to ${CURRENT_FILES} but to not keep a copy of ${REMOVED_FILES}


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