BLFS-6.4RC1 or any

linux fan linuxscratch at
Tue Feb 16 11:37:50 PST 2010

> On 16 February 2010 17:26, linux fan  wrote:
>>> The issue is trying to hit a moving target.
>> That is exactly the big problem!
>> You will *always* be working on BLFS for more than 1 day.

On 2/16/10, Ken Moffat  wrote:
> OK, I admit it looks just like a load of patches, but within
> it there are two tar archives, for blfs-book (-svn-html,
> currently 2010-02-16) and blfs-bootcripts (currently
> 2009-03-02).
> simples :)

That doesn't solve the moving target because there is only the latest copy.

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