BLFS-6.4RC1 or any

Jan-Christoph Bornschlegel trollfood at
Tue Feb 16 08:49:20 PST 2010

Mike McCarty schrieb:
> I want to build it, install it, and it works. If I could find
> a standard distro which didn't contain not only the kitchen
> sink, but 100 kitchen sinks [...]

Maybe the "JeOS" approach is interesting for you:

There are several implementations around, based on different distros.
I can only speak for the SLES JeOS (because I was kind of involved).
It's a very lean OS targetted for the appliance market, and there's the
appliance builder where you can put together your
own distro easily. I'm not sure if the studio can build installation and
update trees in the meantime, but you could do that using the openSUSE
build service via
Despite the name it can build packages for other distros as well -- but
I'm not sure about images.


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