BLFS-6.4RC1 or any

Randy McMurchy randy at
Sun Feb 14 08:04:26 PST 2010

ALIP BUDIANTO wrote these words on 02/14/10 05:58 CST:
> On Feb 14, 2010, at 2:15 AM, Dmitry Sokolov wrote:
> We should do that because we are ALMOST TWO VERSIONS OR THREE VERSIONS  
> BEHIND LFS!!!!!!!!!!

Typically I would never respond to rude people who use all CAPS, and
don't contribute a thing towards the project, but an answer to the
original OP's question is deserving.

We will try to get a BLFS-6.5rc1 out just as soon as we can. I have
a little time to devote, so we'll just have to see. No promises. For
the time being just use the -dev book.


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