Can't control my mutt

Agathoklis D. Hatzimanikas a.hatzim at
Sat Feb 13 10:07:07 PST 2010

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On Fri, Feb 12, at 08:14 zzflop at wrote:
> I have used mutt for some time now but I really
> don't know how to use it other than to read and
> and reply to mail.
> The only way I seem to be able to reply to the 
> digests saved to a mailbox is to reply to the
> whole digest and then edit it to relevent portion.
> If put Subject: [BLFS-SUP] Re:whatever,then my post doesn't
> end up in the thread.
> I have read some online howto's about mutt and I
> did set sort=threads and learned to set the aliases
> file but the sort setting doesn't do what I expected.
> It just sees each digest as one thread.

You can manually change the "In-Reply-To:" header, to be the
"Message-ID:" header from the answer you actually want to reply.
Then it will end up to the right thread. But of course this is going to
work only, if the digest provides also a "Message-ID:" header for each
email, but this, sorry I don't know it, because I've never used the
digest mode where I'm subscribed.
Anyway this the way mutt works and actually all the email clients, 
(sorting threads, replying to, etc...), by looking to the "Message-ID:"
email header.

> Mike H.


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