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Sat Feb 13 08:25:26 PST 2010

On Sat, Feb 13, 2010 at 07:58:07AM -0700, Scott wrote:
> Sorry to hear that your mutt has a bad case of indigestion. (Hey, even
> mutt's developers couldn't refrain from the corny jokes, as you know
> from reading the man page....)
> I can't be of much help to you, as I never subscribe via digest. I did
> find this snippet on a mail-server FAQ:
> > 6.21 My Mutt users cannot thread their digest messages
> >  The digest by default removed non-essential headers like
> > ?In-Reply-To:? from messages. Modern MUAs, like Mutt can split out
> > messages from a digest and then thread them based on such headers. To
> > include these and all other headers in the digest messages, use the
> > ?v? or ?n? format as described on the ezmlm-get(1) man page.
> > Normally, the threading done by ezmlm is sufficient and the default
> > format preferred to reduce message and digest size, often by 25% or
> > more.
> Check to see if those headers have indeed been removed. If so, I guess
> you could complain to the list maintainer. Or perhaps write an awk
> script or similar to re-insert the relevant ones. If you were using
> procmail, you could feed digests to the script on a list-by-list
> basis. Just thinking out loud; sounds like a half-vast project...
> Good luck!
> Scott Swanson
> PS: Tell me about links -g. I used to use zgv, but I can't seem to get
> it working on newer systems.
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I switched from digest mode to single mailings last night, 
and I think this may work better with my setup.

This is a reply to a single mail;hopefully it will end up in 
the right place.

I use links2 from Twibright labs.You can run it in the 
console with fb drivers or either X. It has a text mode
like lynx and a graphical mode if enabled.I have only used
it with vesafb, so I can't say how it works with other 
drivers.If you already have X installed there are better
alternatives for a lightweight browser. Dillo is one that
I have used.

The blfs book has a section on installation. If you are used
to the bells and whistles of a heavyweight browser, it will
probably be disappointing, but if you just "need to see 
pictures" it works fine.

Thanks for the feedback and humor.

Mike H.

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