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stosss wrote:
> svn-20100203 from the 02-10-2010 archive
> The last sentence in the paragraph between make and make test.
> _To run the test suite, first copy the scp program to /usr/bin, making
> sure that you back up any existing copy first._
> This is probably enough for some one who has done this before and
> knows what to look for and where to look and understands the risk of
> why to back up any existing copy. Not complaining, just pointing out
> what is probably obvious. :)

Ah, maybe I misunderstood your question.
Are you asking "Where do I find the existing copy?"
or are you asking "Where is the file I need to copy to /usr/bin?"


> Once I have run make, where will the scp program be? Would the make
> install move it to the replace?

The make install would move it to the place you configured the
install to take place, as described in the section

	The /usr Versus /usr/local Debate

That's the question I thought you needed answering. If you want
to do something *before* the install, to run some tests with
a temporary overwrite, then it's somewhere in the build directory.
Perusing the directory structure should find it, easily, and if
not, then "find" is capable of searching the directories under the
build directory. I'm not familiar with the exact directory structure
used by the creators of scp, so I can't tell you exactly where to
go and look, and also the actual directory name is under your control,
anyway (though the structures under it would be set by the creators).

A little initiative on your part is required, I guess. You should
be able, with a little ingenuity, find a file which resides in
a subdirectory of a known directory.

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