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>>> That depends upon how you configure your build. I suggest you
>>> read the section in the book
>>>        The /usr Versus /usr/local Debate
>> I don't understand what the sentence is saying. How is reading the
>> /usr VS /usr/local debate  again going to help me?
> If you read it, you'd understand better why you'd understand.
> For example, this sentence from the book might help
> )  What is the BLFS position on this?
> )
> ) All of the BLFS instructions install programs in /usr with optional
> ) instructions to install into /opt for some specific packages.
> That sentence, along with the information pertaining to the exact
> package, and the actions you took when you built should tell you
> where to look.

I see where the problem is now. I understand the /usr - /usr/local

I use /usr for everything. During the build process executable
binaries should go in /usr/bin. The sentence says copy it there. If it
is not there already then where is it? Does it not get put there until
make install? Because the same paragraph says it needs to be there
before running make test, which is done before make install.

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