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stosss wrote:
> svn-20100203 from the 02-10-2010 archive
> The last sentence in the paragraph between make and make test.
> _To run the test suite, first copy the scp program to /usr/bin, making
> sure that you back up any existing copy first._
> This is probably enough for some one who has done this before and
> knows what to look for and where to look and understands the risk of
> why to back up any existing copy. Not complaining, just pointing out
> what is probably obvious. :)
> With a fresh LFS install with only the minimal BLFS stuff done, like
> reading through chapter 1, 2 and doing chapter 3 and openssl in
> chapter 4 and the only other things being GPM and WGET installed,
> there probably isn't any existing copy of scp.
> Once I have run make, where will the scp program be? Would the make
> install move it to the replace?

That depends upon how you configure your build. I suggest you
read the section in the book

	The /usr Versus /usr/local Debate

> Not complaining just suggesting, It would be nice if there was more
> information then just that sentence. :)

It's in the book.

> Any volunteers willing to help make that sentence a little clearer?

Hopefully, that did. It's under your control, so nobody here
can tell you where you put it.

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