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Wed Feb 10 13:50:15 PST 2010

On Wed, Feb 10, 2010 at 4:39 PM, Bruce Dubbs <bruce.dubbs at> wrote:
> stosss wrote:
>> I am not complaining. I am simply asking.
> Sometimes its hard to interpret words when they are only written.

Yes, that is the problem with written communication.

> My interpretation of your words was a complaint.  It may not have been
> your intent.
>> volunteer project. I am not expecting you to do things as though you
>> have to. I am willing to jump in and help. I am sorry if you have
>> taken offense.
> There is no offense taken.  Perhaps you interpreted some of our written
> words in a way not intended.
>> again I apologies.
> OK, but I don't really think that's necessary.
>> There really are some areas that could be improved.
> That's always true, but what those improvements would be will differ
> from person to person.  It becomes an opinion.


> I think that the vast majority of successful LFS builders do just fine
> with the book the way it is.  However we will still try to improve it.

Yes, people who are determined to figure things out do go on to build
a workable system. I did once I understood the mind set or concept of
the way the book was written. If I have a good point of reference and
understand the rules/structure/guide or whatever, I can get from the
beginning to the end. Its when I can't get that known good point of
reference that I get all messed up.

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