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Wed Feb 10 10:21:07 PST 2010

stosss wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 10, 2010 at 6:33 AM, Randy McMurchy
> <randy at> wrote:
>> stosss wrote these words on 02/10/10 02:35 CST:
>>> What is different between these two?
>>> blfs-book-svn-html-2010-02-04
>>> blfs-book-svn-html-2010-02-09
>>> Both only show changes as of 02/03 and this is also at the top of the
>>> page for both of them svn-20100203. I double checked to make sure I
>>> had the right one.
>> Where do you see a blfs-book-svn-html-2010-02-09 book? There is not
>> one that I am aware of.
> only it is blfs-book-svn-html-2010-02-10 now
> I got it before it changed.

That the date the tarball was generated, but not the date of the book. 
There is a script that generates the book daily.  If the date is more 
than one day old, there has been a problem of some kind.

The date of the book is set in the source BOOK/general.ent and is on the 
top of each page in th ebook.

   -- Bruce

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