Some questions when building BLFS-dev(svn)

Randy McMurchy randy at
Wed Feb 10 04:15:11 PST 2010

Dmitry Sokolov wrote these words on 02/10/10 05:18 CST:
> When i building some package, this package have a Recommended, Optional and Required packages.
> (Dependencies).
> Can you answer me Yes or No or When on my questions.
> 1. Required packages needs to installed before current package?: I think, YES.

Yes, required packages must be installed before starting the current package.

> 2. When Recommended package needs installed before or after cur. pkg.? Can i install it later?

The recommended packages have gotten out of hand. We will be going through
the book and reviewing all recommended packages. For now, they should be
installed before the current package (unless there is a note that says you
install it only if you need the service it provides, and you know you don't
need it.

> 3. Optional packages are not required now, while installing cur. pkg.? Can i install it later?

You can always install it later. However, the current package probably won't
have the services provided by the optional package if you install the optional
after the current.

> May be i skipped some arctitle in the book, about this, give me link to this if exists.
> But answers is simple, i think.

Required: You must install
Recommended: You should install
Optional: It is up to you to determine if you need the service it provides.


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