Thunderbird 3.0.1

Or Goshen oberonc at
Wed Feb 10 03:41:29 PST 2010


I managed to compile Thunderbird 3.0.1 with the attached .mozconfig file
(basically a slightly modified Firefox .mozconfig file) using the following
command to compile & install: "make -f build && make -f
During the compilation and installation process I encountered no problems,
but after executing it I have the following problems:

* Doesnt load when I execute "thunderbird" as a regular user (does load when
I execute it as root).
* When I setup an IMAP account it manages to get the folders list, but then
is stalls forever
   In the status bar I see something like: "indexing 1 of 2 messages (0%
complete)" and it's just stuck like this
* I cant open .eml files using File -> "Open svaed message.." - nothing
happens once I choose a file.

Anybody has any idea what can cause this ?
For the few of you who managed to compile Thunderbird - is it working ok ?

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