KNetworkManager installation misconfigured

cliffhanger at cliffhanger at
Mon Feb 8 12:24:28 PST 2010


Just installed kde 4.3.5 with all dependencies onto LFS6.5.   
Everything installed fine including KNetworkManager(networkmanagment 
from svn).

After starting network-manager in kde I get the following message
in a dialog:

KNetworkManager cannot start because the installation is misconfigured.
System DBUS policy does not allow it to provide user settings;
contact your system administrator or distribution.
KNetworkManager will not start automatically in future.

I have Networkmanager-kde4.conf in /etc/dbus-1/system.d and have added 
the following:

 <policy group="users">

which was a workaround for problems in KDE4 from google, but to no avail

Anyone else seen this error?



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