Init Scripts

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Sorry I haven't been following the thread I started all that closely;
being a student has its disadvantages

> Most of us manage to avoid writing initscripts until we have
> a concrete need

I'm in that boat, but it doesn't make me happy.

I first built LFS to find out how a linux system works. And it's done
wonders; every time I think I know my back end from my elbow, a quick
read of the LFS book will solve that problem in a hurry and open all
sorts of doors. I know what a lot of those weird GNU acronyms mean and
can solve a lot of problems as they come up now, and I owe it that to

But there are two parts of the Linux OS that have always eluded me:
init scripts, and device drivers. Obviously question two, being a dark
art some people have devoted their lives to, is well beyond the scope
of something I'd ask here. But the thing is, as hard as they are to
read and as much jumping back and forth one has to do, init scripts
are just that-scripts. Undocumented, illegible (to me) scripts, but
scripts nonetheless. Sure, some of them make sense; I've altered my
fair share and even wrote a couple. Yet no matter how hard I try, I
always run into a wall where something just does not make sense and I
can't find the answers online anywhere. Or I'll find an answer, in the
form of a recipe I don't understand.

Basically, the only way I'm gonna "get it" is if I write it.

> I'm slightly frightened by your premise that
> you need to create device nodes because udev doesn't.

>  What sort of devices are these ?

My answer is going to be dissappointingly mundane.

I want to know because when I make an initramfs sometimes, I either
don't have udev, tried to build it static linked and messed up
somewhere, or am experimenting with something like busybox which has
its own, non-udev solution. I am definitely not trying to replace udev
and it will continue being a part of my core system once I've switched
root; I'd just like to know how it does what it does, so I can do it
myself if, for instance, (this actually happened to me) I follow
online advice that tells me to put a busybox in an initramfs, and then
that busybox fails to load anything because its mdev script can't
understand the way sys got changed around between kernels 2.6.19 and

So no, I don't have an iludium pu 36 explosive space modulator hooked
up to my laptop or anything. I like the way you think though :p

> Rereading what you wrote, perhaps I'm confused - I don't
> understand why you want to do without udev (yes, it's nasty,
> and at least one person of taste seems to still avoid it, but
> for most of us it works adequately.

It works great for me :D That's the problem, though- it's a mysterious
black box that performs miracles flawlessly and endlessly. I hate

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