Mike McCarty Mike.McCarty at
Wed Feb 3 17:18:05 PST 2010

Ok, after some research, I think I may know actually what autofs
does. One creates a list of devices which autofs handles. If one
does an access to the intended mount point, then autofs looks
to see if it has a physical device it can actually mount, and
does so. If no accesses take place for a while, then a umount
is done. It (somewhat) emulates the way MSDOS handles floppies.

It's not clear to me that I want autofs yet, but at least I think
I know what it is. The book warns one to know what the risks are,
but doesn't enumerate them.

Would someone like to educate me on the risks involved with autofs,
and why one would prefer autofs to whatever it is that HAL can do
on its own, please?

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