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Mike McCarty Mike.McCarty at
Wed Feb 3 16:49:36 PST 2010

Ken Moffat wrote:


>  Most of us manage to avoid writing initscripts until we have
> a concrete need.  I'm slightly frightened by your premise that
> you need to create device nodes because udev doesn't.
>  What sort of devices are these ?
> Rereading what you wrote, perhaps I'm confused - I don't
> understand why you want to do without udev (yes, it's nasty,
> and at least one person of taste seems to still avoid it, but
> for most of us it works adequately.

Erm, I tried udev on my host system for a brief period,
and decided I disliked the _philosophy_ behind it. I read
the author's description of the "problem", much of which
I agreed with, and so I downloaded his source, and did some
fooling around. After a very brief sojourn into his world,
I came to the conclusion that he and I had entirely different
goals in mind, his wordage notwithstanding. The approach
seems wrongheaded to me, and actually does _not_ solve
the primary problem of device nodes being arbitrarily assigned
to the actual hardware device, sometimes randomly depending
upon, for example, exactly how a PCI bus gets enumerated.

So, someone with the idea "my system, my rules" and "I don't
want udev messing around" doesn't sound weird to me at all.

I was disappointed when I saw that LFS seemingly ineluctably
was wedded to udev. I see that BLFS has some hints for doing
things without it, but then leaves the sysadmin to his own
devices (no pun intended) thereafter, with a one sentence
mention of mknod.

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