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Mike McCarty Mike.McCarty at
Wed Feb 3 16:37:29 PST 2010

Ken Moffat wrote:


> If you know what you think you want, and they are in BLFS,

Yes, Step 0 is make a list of what I want. The descriptions
of each of the "packages" in the book are spare. Sometimes,
I'm not sure just what a package brings to the table. An example of
that is autofs. The text appears to state that it is used
to do automated NFS mounts, which I neither need nor want. In
fact, I haven't built NFS into my system. However, it hints
that it may be useful for automounting of CD-ROMs, which I
do want, but then discounts that somewhat by stating that HAL
usually handles that. So, without more research on my part,
or someone adding to the book, I just don't know what autofs
even is. It's hard to decide whether one wants something without
being certain one knows what it is.

Some of it, I'm sure I don't want, like vim, for which I have
a not so cordial dislike, but which I will probably go ahead
and install until I get the system far enough along to install
what I would prefer, which is not in BLFS. That may take some
portage on my part. Also, it's difficult to know what other
parts may really depend in a hidden way on vim (or something
like it) to edit various configuration files.

I encountered that with my host distro, when I killed emacs
(which I also dislike; why do editor writers think that if the
executable image is less than 4MB, they haven't put enough
into it yet?) and found that chunks of the system wouldn't work
properly, so I had to reinstall it. For example, "info" broke. Now,
I don't care much for "info", but some of the stuff comes
with the man page only saying "see info", so there ya go.

I suspect, however, that BLFS has much less of these hidden
dependencies, and more of them revealed.

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