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> I'm putting the finishing touches on my new system, and one area
> that's always eluded me as far as Linux goes was the Sys V init
> system. I'm familiar with runlevels, making links that start with "S"
> or "K" and the run priority, etc, but I know if I sat down and tried
> to write some good init scripts, it would be an uphill battle.
> Does anyone know any good step-by-step primers that cover writing init
> scripts from scratch? The biggest gaps in my knowledge cover device
> loading, with and without udev. For that matter, anything that teaches
> me scriptable ways to make device nodes based on info I find in /sys
> and /proc when daemons fail to create them would be great. I've done a
> lot of finding and grepping and voodoo and managed to do this before,
> but I prefer actually knowing what I'm doing and understand the rhyme
> and reason that goes into the ever changing /sys filesystem.
> --
 Most of us manage to avoid writing initscripts until we have
a concrete need.  I'm slightly frightened by your premise that
you need to create device nodes because udev doesn't.

 What sort of devices are these ?

 Rereading what you wrote, perhaps I'm confused - I don't
understand why you want to do without udev (yes, it's nasty,
and at least one person of taste seems to still avoid it, but
for most of us it works adequately.

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