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Wed Feb 3 03:52:50 PST 2010

I have followed this discussion. Here is what I did some two years ago:

1. I knew from previous builds that if GIMP could be installed properly, 
many important other things would  be there.

2. So I made up a spreadsheet of dendencies for the purpose. The cells 
representing required dependencies I shaded red and the optionals I 
shaded orange.

3. Then I began to install packages with no dependencies. One a package 
was installed I hid the corresponding row and column. In this way I went 
through the spreadsheet recursively as new clean packages emerged. In 
the end only the circular dependencies remained. Not many of them.

There is, of course a catch-22 in this. I built, not from an existing 
linux distribution, but from KNOPPIX so the spreadsheet could be 
consulted throughout. Otherwise one might need a second machine just for 
the spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet I made is attached as an example.

I hope this will lead to better ideas.

Niko Sauer
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