Starting BLFS

Andrew Benton b3nton at
Wed Feb 3 03:23:54 PST 2010

On 03/02/10 03:03, Mike McCarty wrote:
> so I feel my security
> issues are pretty limited, and am considering omitting PAM.

I also do not see the need for PAM.

> I do want a desktop, so that means X Window, a destop manager,
> and a session manager (I'm leaning toward Gnome, since that's
> what I run now, and don't much care for KDE).

I used to compile gnome but lately it's got so hard that it is (for me) 
not worth the effort.

> I also want
> some network ability, and web browsing and e-mail. I'd like
> to be able to continue to use Thunderbird, but that's negotiable,
> though I do want to be able to import all my current e-mails.

I like Thunderbird too. It's not too hard to compile it from the current 
mercurial sources.
I like Openbox for my window manager (I like the ease with which I can 
rewrite the right-click menu), ROX-Filer for the file browser, lxpanel, 
Firefox and geany for the text editor (though I also use leafpad on my 
netbook). Xine is good for video and I use XawTV to watch TV.


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