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Mike McCarty Mike.McCarty at
Tue Feb 2 21:04:54 PST 2010

Bruce Dubbs wrote:

Thanks for the reply!

> Mike McCarty wrote:
>> Bruce Dubbs wrote:
>> Well, the build has to proceed in a linear fashion, so there
>> must be a linearizable dependency list, else one would have
>> no way to bootstrap.
> The way if works in some cases is to build #1, then #2, and then #1 
> again.  It may not be that direct.   The sequence may be 1, 2, 3, 4, 1.

I've been in similar situations, even with just a single tool.
I recall working on a compiler, and when we changed the code
generator, sometimes it would take more than three builds
before we could actually say we had tested the new code gen.

>> Anyway, first things first. Some way to pull things from the
>> web would be nice, but at present I can transfer files using
>> CD-ROMs, I guess. 
> LFS has an FTP client.  Also, once you have sshd running, you can use a 
> remote system with a full blown window manager through ssh.

I'd have to learn how to use ssh first. :-)

>> Anyway, I'm considering starting in on X
>> Window, and then a desktop and GNOME, after doing the minimal
>> stuff I can from the "clean up" chapter.
> Consider fluxbox or metacity before Gnome.  One of the problems with 
> Gnome is that it requires a lot of builds just to start a minimal system.

I noticed that, but I'm not daunted by a large number of builds.
After all, LFS took a considerable number, and I've done it a few
times. However, using the principle of "left rear corner", taking
smaller bites is usually better. Gnome seems a little overdone
to me, anyway. As I was reading the chapter on it, I was making
mental notes of things to leave out, like the system monitor,
for example. In fact, most of the "optional" parts are stuff I
don't use. I'd rather use top than some GUI "system monitor",
and I like df and du rather than that tool as well. I mostly
just want something to manage my CLI windows, and let me use
a web browser, read e-mail, and view various special files,
like PDFs, and run my printer.

After all, part of what got me here is finally giving up on
endless arguments with the Fedora dev team about leaving out
unnecessary stuff, which they considered absolutely must be
part of the build.

I've used DSL, and it's fluxbox, I think. Maybe I'll take your
advice. I'll read the chapter on that.

I appreciate the advice.

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