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Mike McCarty Mike.McCarty at
Tue Feb 2 19:53:05 PST 2010

Bruce Dubbs wrote:

Thanks very much for the reply.

[I wrote...]

>> So, I wondered, what is the usual recommended procedure? Pick
>> something I want, and wade in, just traversing the dependency tree as
>> I encounter it during the build process? 
> Basically, that's what I do.
> I'll start with
> # wget
> # The Bash Shell Startup Files
> # The /etc/vimrc and ~/.vimrc Files
> # OpenSSL
> # OpenSSH
> # sudo
> and then go on from there.
>> I started in making one, and although the information is there, it is
>> rather "spread out".
> The problem is that there are some circular dependencies.  A long time 
> ago we tried to come up with a dependency list, but it really wasn't 
> practical.

Well, the build has to proceed in a linear fashion, so there
must be a linearizable dependency list, else one would have
no way to bootstrap.


>> some network ability, and web browsing and e-mail. I'd like
>> to be able to continue to use Thunderbird, but that's negotiable,
>> though I do want to be able to import all my current e-mails.
> You can do that.  The idea behind BLFS is to pick and choose what you 
> want.  Consider seamonkey for web/email.

I've used seamonkey with KNOPPIX, and don't much care for it.
Those huge "all in one integrated" programs never do work
as well as dedicated ones do, and shared code is better done
with shared libraries, I think. However, seamonkey is probably
less work. I had considered using iceweasel and thunderbird,
but am willing to be instructed.

Anyway, first things first. Some way to pull things from the
web would be nice, but at present I can transfer files using
CD-ROMs, I guess. Anyway, I'm considering starting in on X
Window, and then a desktop and GNOME, after doing the minimal
stuff I can from the "clean up" chapter.

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