Starting BLFS

Mike McCarty Mike.McCarty at
Tue Feb 2 19:03:29 PST 2010

Well, I've built LFS a few times, like maybe five, and am about
to start in on BLFS. What I'm aiming for is a desktop system.
Mostly, my interest in LFS started when I just couldn't find
a "standard" distro which met my needs, that is, without loads
and loads of stuff I don't want, in addition to the stuff I do
want. Also, the forced upgrades in order to get support. I eventually
wound up having to support original sources, mostly, anyway,
so why not just build what I'm interested in?

So, I want to make me a desktop with not much additional stuff on
it, but with web capabilities. I've started reading BLFS in earnest,
and thought I'd begin by making a list of things I _do_ need.
However, there is no single dependency tree. I started in making
one, and although the information is there, it is rather "spread

So, I wondered, what is the usual recommended procedure? Pick something
I want, and wade in, just traversing the dependency tree as I encounter
it during the build process? Try manually to build a complete
dependency tree and then begin?

My machine is behind a hardware firewall, so I feel my security
issues are pretty limited, and am considering omitting PAM.
I do want a desktop, so that means X Window, a destop manager,
and a session manager (I'm leaning toward Gnome, since that's
what I run now, and don't much care for KDE). I also want
some network ability, and web browsing and e-mail. I'd like
to be able to continue to use Thunderbird, but that's negotiable,
though I do want to be able to import all my current e-mails.

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