libqalculate-0.9.6 for kdeedu-4.2.1

lux-integ lux-integ at
Sun Mar 29 07:29:10 PDT 2009


I am trying to compile libqalculate-0.9.6 (host is AMD64/64-bit-only  CBLFS) 
Kernel2.6.27.2 gcc4.3.2).  It is needed for kdeedu-4.2.1.

firstly the dependency cln-1.2.2 is installed in /usr  ( it compiles and 
installs trouble free and there is no  /usr/bin/cls-config)  

secondly attempts to compile libqalculate-0.9.6  is met  with  the following:-

warning: #warning This file includes at least one deprecated or antiquated 
header which may be removed without further notice at a future date. Please 
use a non-deprecated interface with equivalent functionality instead. For a 
listing of replacement headers and interfaces, consult the file 
backward_warning.h. To disable this warning use -Wno-deprecated. error: 'void cln::cl_abort()' should have been declared 
inside 'cln' In member function 'int Number::intValue(bool*) const': error: 'INT_MAX' was not declared in this scope error: 'INT_MIN' was not declared in this scope In member function 'bool Number::binomial(const Number&, const 
Number&)': error: 'INT_MAX' was not declared in this scope
make[2]: *** [Number.lo] Error 1

((  the  ageing libqalculate-0.9.6    still looks for   /usr/bin/cls-config) 

digging on the internet  suggest a) modern cln  no longer has  
~/bin/cln-config  but ~/lib/cln.pc  AND it is possible to  'create' a 
usr/bin/cln-config.  However   when I    copy  /usr/lib/pkgconfig/cln.pc  
to /usr/lib/cln.config  and do the following:-

a)  change permissions  of /usr/bin/cln-config to 644   the configure script 
of linqalculate-0.9.6  complains with  "/usr/bin/cln-config permission 

b) change permissions  of /usr/bin/cln-config to 777   the configure script of 
linqalculate-0.9.6  complains   that lines 7-11  /usr/bin/cln-config are 

(and the compiler output is as above) Clearly something is wrong.  
I even tried the patch :-  libqalculate-0.9.6-cln-config.patch  but it made no 

I did a search for svn/git libqalculate  modern versions  but the project 
seems to  have ceased development.  if someonw knows  a) of a how to get 
libqalculate to bypass ~/bin/cln-config  or b) how to generate a usable file 
from  cln.pc OR (c) a useful patch to overcome the problem OR (d) where one 
can get a modern  svn/cvs/git  version of libqalculate that works with modern 

.......your help/suggestions/info will be appreciated


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