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2009/3/19 Ken Moffat <ken at>

>  Is anyone else having problems with this version of libxml2 ?
>  So far, I'm only seeing these problems with abiword-2.6. First problem
> was opening existing files and spell checking, but that was fixed by
> upgrading enchant from the old version I was using.
>  Now I'm onto the "crashes in gnomeprint" error previously reported
> and bugged at abiword
> but also reported on an Arch forum where upgrades to slightly newer
> libgnomeprint and libgnomeprintui were blamed.  (Don't even need to
> print, just try to save as PDF or PS and watch one of the threads
> segfault in libcrypto which is pulled in by libgnomecups).  I've
> added my twopennyworth to the abiword bug, but I'm starting to wonder
> if the problem might be more general ?
>  If it's only abiword (well, strictly this crash is abiword-plugins)
> I guess I can probably go back to libxml2-2.7.2 for my own builds and
> not update the book to abiword-2.6-series.  I can't see any relevant
> bugs against libxml2-2.7.3.
>  FWIW, printing from gnumeric is fine, I don't think I've got
> anything else using libgnomeprint that I actually use for printing.
>  As an aside, does anyone know where to find libgnomeprint (or
> libgnomeprintui) in the gnome bugzilla ?  I've searched through all
> the categories, but all I can find is gnome-print and
> libgnomeprintmm.  Thanks.
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I must say, I haven't had any obvious problem with libxml2 yet. No crashes
in gnomeprint{,ui} either. But then again, I'm using the release candidate
of gnome.

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