has xdm been removed from X11

DJ Lucas dj at linuxfromscratch.org
Tue Mar 10 16:22:13 PDT 2009

Andrew Barnes wrote:
> Hi,
> Its been a while since I built X11 from source and I've found that xdm 
> no longer appears in the sources. Have the developers removed it? 

It is not 'officially' part of the Xorg distribution, but development 
will likely continue.  There are lots of X applications that are no 
longer 'official' that still provide the same functionality that they 
always have, it is just that the core developers have trimmed the fat on 
what is the release, catering more to what distributions actually ship.

> There 
> may have been better alternatives, but xdm worked and had no external 
> dependancies.

You will find this a lot.  xcalc was another one that has been requested 
recently.  There are a couple unofficial apps in BLFS because they are 
needed to test our minimal X installation.  That is the deciding factor 
for keeping them in BLFS, against the maintainers' suggestion for the 
distribution (for instance, bdf2pcf is deprecated, but still required to 
install the old bitmap fonts which *are* still a part of the X 

> I've been looking for other login manager's that have few dependancies, 
> and come across SLiM. Has anyone tried it? Are there any others?
> If I can find one, and can make it work, I'll post the instructions :)
> Thanks in advance
> Andy


-- DJ Lucas

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