empty KDE Desktop ?

Dr. Edgar Alwers edgaralwers at gmx.de
Sun Mar 8 19:28:29 PDT 2009

We are building BLFS (svn 20090503 ) on two boxes at the time. No problems 
with PC Nr.1 On the PC of my wife however, after entering "startx", xsplash 
starts working and at the end the KDE Desktop shows up, but no one 
application is listed in kmenu. Only a few empty items like System, control 
center, run command, logout are listed. kdlibs, kdebase, kadmin were already 
As machine Nr. 1 is running smoothly, we know that we made anywhere a mistake. 
All compiled libraries and programs are in /opt/kde/{bin,lib,share,etc}, they 
should show up in KDE Desktop, but no way. We have controlled paths and 
permissions, without success.

We need now a hint, how we could proceed. Does a method exist, how to read the 
apps into the KDE menu ?

Thank you very much,
Dr.-Ing. Edgar Alwers

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