aRts-1.5.10 compile problem

Ken Moffat ken at
Thu Mar 5 15:12:23 PST 2009

On Thu, Mar 05, 2009 at 03:51:13PM -0600, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> Ken Moffat wrote:
> >  I'm puzzled why the patch is apparently not needed by everybody for
> > 6.4.  I can see that configure tests if mcop should be compiled, but
> > that seems to be merely a "did we include the source" and "did we
> > mark it to NOT be built" test.
> I think I've figured that out.  My script used:
> ./configure --prefix=$KDE_PREFIX --disable-debug \
>              --disable-dependency-tracking --enable-final
> The enable final combines several .cc files into one and compiles all of them. 
> That way the header files only need to be read once.  I'm guessing here, but one 
> of the other files may be including linux/limits.h and that defines PATH_MAX.
> Try adding --enable-final to the configure and see if it still fails for you.
>    -- Bruce
 Bruce, it builds fine with that switch added.  An interesting solution.

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