/usr/share/info/dir in which 2.20 install

Randy McMurchy randy at linuxfromscratch.org
Wed Mar 4 09:42:26 PST 2009

Resending due to the server outage this morning. Sorry if it turns
out to be a duplicate.

Ryan Isaacs wrote these words on 03/04/09 00:18 CST:
> Thanks to using the fakeroot approach, I noticed
> there is a /usr/share/info/dir file being
> installed by which 2.20 following the BLFS
> current development instructions. It looks to me
> like this dir file with a single entry (for
> which) would replace the current dir file with
> all my current info entries.
> Is this the case? If so, should this be fixed in
> the BLFS instructions to avoid losing the info
> directory?

I'm not really sure what you're saying, especially the part about the
fakeroot approach, but the which package uses install-info to install
the .info file just as it should. There is nothing to fix.


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