/usr/lib/fips_premain.c installed for openssl-0.9.8j

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Mon Mar 2 23:47:53 PST 2009

Ryan Isaacs wrote:
> Hi, I'm following the BLFS development version, and during the install
> of openssl-0.9.8j, which I was doing via the fakeroot approach, I
> noticed 2 files destined for /usr/lib retained there ownership by my
> non-root user who built openssl:
> fips_premain.c and fips_premain.c.sha1
> Are these files really supposed to be installed in /usr/lib? If so,
> should they be owned by root? Finally, is this a bug in the BLFS
> instructions?

No, its has to do with FIPS mode. See fips/Makefile.  They explicitly preserve 
the ownership.  I don't know why they do this though.

   -- Bruce

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