Upgrading Xorg 7.2 -> 7.4: font problems

thorsten fly_b747 at gmx.de
Sat Jun 20 01:39:05 PDT 2009

Hello Jeremy,

Jeremy Henty wrote:

> The
> text looks as  though it's been rendered at  a ludicrously small size,
> though I can't be sure that is actually what has gone wrong.

I think I got the same Issue here. Did you find a solution yet? I just
built a LFS-SVN System with a hardened toolchain and grsec/PAX Kernel.

Xorg-7.4 (blfs-svn)

using links -g as a browser works fine, however in firefox the display
of pages is screwed up. It seems like the space between two lines is
extremely large. Also sub-windows of firefox (i.e. preferences) are very
very large. much larger than my Monitor, unfortunately :-( When I
resitze them, the buttons are cut off at the corners.

The close button is very large, the word "close" very small. It looks
like firefox thinks the word "close" needs much more space as it
actually needs.

I tried to find a hint googleing for the last two days, no joy.

I am guessing, it is font and gtk, possibly X related.

If you found a Solution, I would appreciate a hint,



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