GPM + evdev = change in mouse behaviour?

Jeremy Henty onepoint at
Sun Jun 14 22:20:38 PDT 2009

I recently  changed the PROTOCOL in /etc/sysconfig/mouse  to evdev and
was surprised  because it changed the  feel of the  gpm console mouse.
The mouse is much more jittery  now - double clicking often causes the
selection to jump up or down  a line and continuous clicking will make
the selection wander up or down  the screen.  It's not fatal but it is

Any  suggestions for making  the mouse  less jittery?   And how  is it
possible for  evdev to change things  in this way?  I  assumed that it
would just send the same events  to gpm as before, just by a different
route internally, but it seems I was wrong.


Jeremy Henty

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