How to reduce size?

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On Sun, Jun 14, 2009 at 8:44 AM, lakshmi pathi <lakshmipathi.g at<mailto:lakshmipathi.g at>> wrote:
This weekend,I have successfully built Linux From Scratch. :)
using LFS6.4. You have really excellent documentation.:)
So now preparing for BLFS. But I would need to how
to reduce the LFS size. It occupies around 800MB .

What are the things I should consider to reduce it from its
current size?

I would like to built sendmail server on top of LFS.

Thanks for your help , in advance.

This might not help if you followed the LFS instructions to the letter, but you could:

1.       Strip all binaries/libraries

2.       Compile only the modules you need for your hardware in the kernel config

3.       Compile the kernel modules in gzipped format

4.       Remove the .a .la .h .pc files for applications you will never compile against (you need to be sure…)

5.       Remove the man, info, doc, etc files – they are readily available on the web

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